Stock for sale

We will put information about all our ewes and rams for sale in 2020 here. Usually we sell some from the farm and some at the Exeter and Ross Lleyn Sheep Society Sales.


The registered rams we sell will have been inspected by the Lleyn Sheep Society's Inspector. This means that you can buy with the extra confidence of knowing that they have been independently assessed as being structurally sound and true to breed type.

This year we have 6 registered shearling rams for sale. Their numbers are listed below and if you click on them it will take you to their details on the Signet Data site. They are all in the best group for resistance to scrapie (ARR/ARR) and most of them are carriers of at least one copy of the MyoMAX gene. There is more on MyoMAX here

1932 19 1441    Twin   Good all rounder. MyoMAX carrier  Sold

1932 19 1470     Twin  Will probably retain

1932 19 1567     Twin  Good growth figures with low mature size EBV. MyoMAX Gold Sold


1932 19 1577     Triplet  Retained

1932 19 1591     Single from a ewe lamb (she has had twins as a shearling). Great growth and maternal ability figures. 

                            MyoMAX carrier Sold

1932 19 1600      Twin  Sold

We have now sold all our rams and ewes but we will have some ewe lambs and ram lambs available

We will also have shearling ewes and some older ewes for sale. Some of these have very good performance figures and all of them are in the top 50% for the breed. Just get in touch if you would like any more information.