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Stock for sale

We will put information about all our ewes and rams for sale in 2022 here. Numbers are limited as we only like to sell rams that we would be happy to use ourselves.


The registered rams we sell will have been inspected by the Lleyn Sheep Society's Inspector. This means that you can buy with the extra confidence of knowing that they have been independently assessed as being structurally sound and true to breed type.

This year we have 3 registered shearling rams for sale. Their numbers are listed below and if you click on them it will take you to their details on the Signet Data site. 

1932 21 1850   Twin.   Top 1% of Signet recorded rams  Sold

1932 21 1871    Twin.  Top 1% of Signet recorded rams  Sold


1932 21 1940    Twin.  Top 5% Signet recorded rams. FecXg prolificacy gene carrier  Sold

We also have a couple of unregistered rams for sale who failed the inspection because of some brown hairs on their back legs.

1932 21 1892     Twin. Top 5% of Signet recorded rams Sold

1932 21 1920      Twin.  Top 25% Signet recorded rams. FecXg prolificacy gene carrier Sold

Shearling ewes and a few older ewes will also be available. Some of these have very good performance figures and all of them are in the top 50% for the breed. Just get in touch if you would like any more information.  All now sold

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